Lupkin & Associates PLLC is a high-end New York commercial litigation boutique that provides clients with a formidable combination of legal skill and acumen, sound litigation judgment and personalized attention to the needs of its clients. Its particular focus is on litigating complex commercial disputes in the Commercial Division of the New York State Supreme Court and the federal courts venued in New York City.

Firm’s founder Jonathan D. Lupkin has almost 25 years of experience as a litigator and trial lawyer. His breadth of experience is vast, his integrity is unmatched and he has honed his skills at the knees of some of the City’s most renowned and well-respected practitioners. Perhaps the most tangible recognition of Mr. Lupkin’s reputation and stature is that other attorneys, including partners at major law firms and current and former adversaries, serve as his main referral sources for the vast majority of his clients, and a number of his clients are themselves lawyers or law firms.

Mr. Lupkin served as Chair of the New York State Bar Association's Commercial and Federal Litigation Section, a position held by two sitting federal judges, three former presidents of the New York State Bar Association and senior partners at some of New York’s top firms, and has been a member of its Executive Committee for over fifteen years. In 2013, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman appointed Mr. Lupkin to the Commercial Division Advisory Council, a body whose responsibilities include drafting amendments to the Statewide Rules of the Commercial Division. Mr. Lupkin himself played a primary role in drafting many of these amendments.

Lupkin & Associates PLLC boasts an experienced and dedicated team of attorneys, who were not only hand-picked by Mr. Lupkin, but personally trained by him at some point during their careers.

Michael B. Smith, of counsel to the firm, is a 15-year legal veteran who has practiced at top litigation boutiques and national law firms as well as in-house, as general counsel for the division a major electronics company. Rebecca C. Smithwick, senior associate, trained and practiced as a solicitor at one of the largest law firms in Melbourne, Australia. She has been admitted to the New York bar for almost three years and litigating in courts throughout the City since then.

Lupkin & Associates’ defining principles are, in many ways, a study in contrast. Its attorneys cling to the anachronistic view that above all else, the law is a learned profession—an ever-dwindling perspective in today’s legal marketplace. At the same time, however, all of the firm’s attorneys embrace and utilize 21st Century technology to its fullest in furtherance of their client’s interests.

Attorneys of Lupkin Associates

  • “Mr. Lupkin is a highly talented commercial litigator with almost two decades of experience in litigating a variety of complex business disputes and white-collar criminal matters....”
  • “I litigated a case against Jonathan Lupkin and found him to be an excellent, civil adversary and a credit to the profession. I highly recommend him.”
  • “Jonathan Lupkin is an excellent lawyer and leader of the bar.”
  • “Jonathan Lupkin is a scholar of the law and a mighty fine practitioner. He is an excellent writer and fast on his feet. Most importantly, he has unmatched integrity.”
  • “Jonathan Lupkin is a lawyer's lawyer. His ethical standards are beyond reproach....”
  • “Jonathan Lupkin's professionalism is only exceeded by his honesty, integrity and knowledge of the law.”